Advanced Technologies In Vitamins & Minerals For Runners

How Does Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ Work?

As we run, vitamins and minerals are lost in sweat, joints are pounded, free radicals are released into our bodies, energy is drained, and inflammation begins to set in. Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ utilizes the latest research in sports nutrition and advanced technologies to compensate for all of these problems. CRN’s primary focus is Joint Support, Inflammation Relief, Faster Recovery Times, a Surge of Potent Antioxidants, Naturally Enhanced Energy and Endurance, and of course, all the nutritional benefits of a Multivitamin Formulated For Runners. We’ve researched what runners need and have put together a new formulation that stands alone: Complete Runner’s Nutrition™. Read Below to Learn more about some of the science behind Complete Runner’s Nutrition™.


What Are The Benefits?

The benefits you receive from Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ are summed up by three words: NUTRITION, PERFORMANCE, and PROTECTION.*


Runners exhaust many key nutrients far faster than the average person and even other types of athletes. Without nutritional supplementation, we’re vulnerable to the dangerous deficiencies that can stop us in our tracks. Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ was formulated with the runner’s lifestyle in mind to provide specialized nutrition for runners. *

Heart Nutrition For Runners

Although simply a pump, the human heart is the center for all athletic activity. Runners work their hearts to a higher degree than the sedentary, as well as, many other types of athletes. Therefore, runners’ hearts require more support. Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ provides numerous key nutrients to account for the additional strain on Runners’ hearts.

Immune System Support For Running

Every day our bodies are under attack by a multitude of viruses, bacteria, dangerous pathogens and toxins. Our immune systems provide our first line of defense against these attacks that could otherwise open the doorway to disease, infection and illness. Endurance athletes are even more at risk with the physical stresses and demands exercising places on our bodies. Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ provides nutrients to boost Runner’s immune systems to help compensate for this additional stress.

Adaptogens For Runners

By definition, adaptogens are healthy protective nutrients that help our bodies cope and adapt to mental and physical stresses including protection from pollutants and toxins. With the excessive stresses placed on their bodies and potential smog and pollutants in their running environments, Runner’s especially require the aid of adaptogens. Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ includes many adaptogens to help your run longer and harder.

Digestive Nutrition For Runners

There’s nothing worse than having an upset stomach in the middle of a run. Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ includes ingredients to help keep your digestive health in check during runs.


We all strive to run that extra mile. Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ helps us achieve our performance goals by utilizing a proprietary Runner’s B-Complex formulation and other critical nutrients to improve energy, endurance, stamina, recovery times, as well as, cognitive performance.*

Healthy Energy For Runners

Carbohydrates and fats are our body’s main source of energy. Through a process called oxidation, oxygen combines with carbs and fats within our body’s cells to produce energy via ATP (the cell’s “energy currency”). Since we all eat enough carbs in our diets and have more than enough stored fat in our bodies, the problem lies in our body’s inefficient use of the fat and oxygen.

Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ utilizes nutrients that both provide a healthy means for improving fat burning efficiency, as well as, nutrients for improved oxygen uptake within the cells for increased energy.

Endurance To Run That Extra mile

We’ve all “hit the wall” at one time or another. It happens when glycogen (the muscle’s energy molecule) drains from our muscles and is replaced with waste products. Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ helps to avoid “the wall” by providing nutrients that shield your muscles from waste products while replenishing glucose to your muscles.

Improved Recovery Times

Overuse inflammation from running and other exercises is the root cause of both prolonged recovery times and ultimately a great deal of joint pain both long and short term. As the inflammation sets into a runner’s joints, it eats into the cartilage. When the inflammation finally goes away, the damage to the cartilage remains. Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ is designed with the goal of minimizing this overuse inflammation in the first place to benefit recovery times and help maintain joint health.

Cognitive Nutrition For Runners To Sustain Focus

Cognitive functioning, ability and well being are necessary for improved performance on and off the track. Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ provides nutrients to help keep you relaxed and focused.


Running is a special kind of abuse that requires a special kind of protection. Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ uses three advanced proprietary blends formulated for protection.*


Powerful Antioxidants To Fight Off Free Radicals

ProForMax™ Proprietary Antioxidant Blend – 385mg

Prolonged endurance exercise can introduce large quantities of harmful molecules called “free radicals” into our bodies.

Free radicals are like the human body’s equivalent to car engine exhaust fumes. The more gas a car uses to run harder and faster, the more exhaust the car produces. Just like, the more we consume extra oxygen when running, so too will we release more free radicals into our bodies.

The problem is that free radicals are highly unstable atomic structures that unbalance other molecules they come into contact with. The inevitable result is oxidative damage to our cells and DNA; that is, pain, injuries, inflammation, physical limitations while running, as well as, potential significant health issues down the line.

Enter antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize or prevent these harmful effects by stabilizing the free radicals and rendering them harmless. Although our bodies naturally produce antioxidants, endurance athletes require higher than normal amounts to counter this oxygen induced free radical overload.

When taking antioxidants, it’s important to take a variety of them. This is because not all antioxidants can reach all parts of every cell. For example, vitamin E can only neutralize the free radicals in the “fatty” areas of the cell and vitamin C can only access the “watery” areas of the cell.

Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ includes the ProForMax™ Proprietary Antioxidant Blend 385mg designed to provide the correct high quality antioxidants such as C0Q10, Chia Seed, and Green Tea Extract among others and in the correct amounts needed to help remedy this free radical problem for Runners.


Joint Nutrition For Runners

Tri-Focus Joint Health™ Formula – 1010mg

Joints are made of a gel like tissue called cartilage that is composed of about two-thirds water and serves as a cushioning material. They are our body’s shock absorbers. Without them, we would slowly grind away our mobility with every step.

Maintaining healthy joints is a necessary component of a pain free and active lifestyle. The problem is that less than perfect nutrition, injuries, everyday wear and tear, and aging can dry out our cartilage and break down our ligaments and tendons, making our joints especially vulnerable to injury.

Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin may be especially helpful in not only relieving joint pain but also attacking the joint pain at its root cause, by preventing overuse inflammation, helping promote repair, growing and maintaining cartilage and joint tissues.

In fact, even after cartilage and bones are damaged, these nutrients may aid in the healing process and help regeneration letting the connective tissues become stronger and more flexible.

Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ includes the Tri-Focus Joint Health™ Formula 1010mg. Formulated to help protect against joint pain before it starts but safe enough to be taken in combination with most full strength joint support supplements (to find out which supplements, check out our FAQ page).*


Post Workout Inflammation Relief

RunLong Proprietary Joint Support Blend™ – 560mg

The muscle and joint pain we experience after workouts are symptoms of post-workout tissue inflammation; which, if not allowed to heal properly, can cause injury, slow recovery times and limit performance.

Chronic inflammation from repeated intense exercise without sufficient time to heal can breakdown our tendons, joints, ligaments and even bones.

Therefore, managing post exercise inflammation is critical to a faster recovery, improve performance and to avoid injury.

Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ includes the RunLong Proprietary Joint Support Blend™ 560mg which consists of natural ingredients such as Ginger, Turmeric, and Bromelain among others to help keep overuse knee/joint inflammation and pain under control.*

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•* Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ is a wellness supplement designed to provide correct nutrition for runners, to protect runner’s joints and muscle tissue from injury, and to naturally stimulate energy and endurance. However, Complete Runner’s Nutritio™n is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. If your goal is to treat, cure, or prevent a disease, please consult a physician. These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.