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Nutrition for runners and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Read below to find out what some of our loyal customers are saying about their sports nutrition since taking Complete Runner’s Nutrition. We listen to what our customers have to say. Feel free to leave your own feedback at the
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“From the age of 16-20 I ran multiple marathons yearly, and stayed in shape for a few years after.  However with the stresses of life and Law School I eventually stopped running and became out of shape and over weight. I tried running a few times after that and always just felt miserable; my joints would hurt and I had no energy.   A little while ago I started taking Runner’s Daily Complete (Now called Complete Runner’s Nutrition) and began running again.  The vitamins helped! My joints aren’t hurting and I seem to have more energy. I have since lost the weight I was trying to lose and feel great.” *
(Note: Joint and Energy results may vary per individual.)

– Warren M., Irvine, CA


“I’m a 30-something marathon mama, and I get the importance of taking my vitamins, especially during those high mileage weeks when your immune system can become compromised. This season, instead of taking a ton of different supplements, I tried Runner’s Daily Complete (Now called Complete Runner’s Nutrition). While my three year old son came down with pneumonia and my husband battled the flu, I managed to escape without so much as a sniffle. And in between hours of acting as Florence Nightingale for my ailing family, I was out running 15 mile stretches and feeling clear, healthy and happily pain free. Thanks for the boost, RDC. LA Marathon, here I come.” *
(Note: Immunity results may vary per individual.)

– Laurie S., Sherman Oaks, CA


“I decided to try Runners Daily (Now called Complete Runner’s Nutrition) to help increase my stamina during the cold winter months. I usually find that as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, I have less energy to workout. Runners daily (Complete Runner’s Nutrition) was better than expected. Not only did I maintain my workout schedule, but it helped me lower my body fat from my usual 13% down to 12%. I never expected to reach that at my age.” *
(Note: Stamina results may vary per individual.)

 – Dr. Steve S., Chicago, IL


“I’ve been running for years and taking vitamins just as long. But I’d never really come across a vitamin that took my needs as a runner to heart. Runner’s Complete (Now called Complete Runner’s Nutrition) is that vitamin. It gives me everything I need and I can feel it in the way my joints feel after a run. I can’t recommend it more highly.”*
(Note: Joints results may vary per individual.)

– Debbie B., New York, NY


“I’ve been using Runners Complete (Now called Complete Runner’s Nutrition) for only a few weeks and I have noticed a difference in my joints. Specifically my knees. They are less stiff and my recovery time between runs is quicker. I feel more confident in my workouts knowing that my joints are taken care of.”*
(Note: Knee and recovery time Results may vary per individual.)

– Roosevelt L., Van Nuys, CA


“Being a police officer I always tried to stay in shape. Several years ago I was involved in a motorcycle accident and during the recovery ended up putting on weight and getting out of shape. This year I decided to try to lose weight and start running again. I tried to take a multivitamin supplement, but found that it disagreed with my stomach. I was excited to find these vitamins because it contained supplements which were specifically for runners and advertised that it would be easy to digest. I found that these claims were true, along with being easy to digest, I found myself having more energy and that my back and knees were not bothering me.” *
(Note: Energy, digestion and pain results may vary per individual.)

– Gary E., Mission Viejo, CA


“After taking Runner’s Daily Complete (Now called Complete Runner’s Nutrition) for a few weeks, I’ve found that it’s really helped my knees. On top of that, I feel healthier and more energetic without the indigestion I used to feel with other supplements. Now I can run as far into the hills as I want and I don’t need to hold back. Thanks for a great product!” *
(Note: Knee, energy and pain results may vary per individual.)

– Mike C., Los Angeles, CA


“I am a personal fitness trainer who really enjoys running. I was involved in a car accident a couple years ago that left me with some serious damage to my knees. Although surgery wasn’t necessary, the residual damage to my nerves and joints made it difficult to perform certain activities that I was accustomed to such as running, soccer, and other full body cardiovascular exercises. My Dr. told me to gradually begin working out my legs to build back the strength. While my knees grew stronger, they have never been the same.  I decided to try Runner’s Daily Complete (Now called Complete Runner’s Nutrition) because I was in the market for a multivitamin. The idea of it being specific to runners appealed to me particularly. After a month of routinely taking it, I found that my energy and endurance rose dramatically. I was no longer dragging my feet in the morning nor in need of that cup of coffee. The work I had done on my knees began to show, as I was no longer as sore-or even close to- as I had been prior.  I would certainly recommend Runner’s Daily Complete (Now called Complete Runner’s Nutrition) to any of my active clients who are in need of a fulfilling multivitamin and are proactive in maintaining and protecting their joints from the wear and tear of vigorous cardiovascular exercise.” *
(Note: Energy, Endurance and joint results may vary per individual.)

– Gavin B., Scottsdale, AZ


“I originally purchased the Runner’s Daily Complete (Now called Complete Runner’s Nutrition) vitamins for my husband who runs about three times a week. I thought they would help with his general well being and as he can be stubborn about supplements, I thought these would be right up his alley because he loves to run so much. He began to take them and within a couple weeks felt more energy during his run and a general easing of joint pain during the day. His job is very physical so he felt much better at work and has been feeling in general more strong and healthy. Following his experience, I decided to start taking them as well. I occasionally work out but not as intensely as my husband. I have to say that I was surprised by the effect as I am quite a skeptic usually. I have been waking up more rejuvenated, my kids have been sick twice and I remained healthy and in general I feel good. I would whole heartedly recommend these vitamins to anyone, whether a runner or not as I feel our general health has been boosted by this product.” *
(Note: Energy, joint pain and immunity results may vary per individual.)

– Deborah B., Studio City, CA


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