It’s Not A Sprint, It’s A Marathon. Or, Is It?

 How Short & Fast Workouts Can Actually Help Your Marathon Performance

As counter intuitive as it might sound, running 200m or 400m repeats just 10 weeks before a marathon is gaining traction in the running community. Case in point: Brett Gotcher who achieved the fourth fastest marathon debut in history by practicing short and fast speed workouts prior to the marathon. You might be asking yourself, “How would running short and fast repeats help me prepare for such a long slow marathon?” The simple answer is two-fold:



1) Running economy, the rate of oxygen consumption at a given pace, is critical to marathon performance. By getting your body used to jogging at a higher economy, the necessary lower economy required to run the marathon will be easier to maintain.

2) Lets face it, training for marathons can be monotonous. Although, we love the zen-like qualities of running, it’s easy to get stuck running the same pace throughout. Running short and fast workouts can help break this monotony to give you that extra push when needed on the big day.

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