Run Recovery: The Top 5 Tips

  #1 - Sleep For Run Recovery! Most people looking for improved run recovery don’t realize that sleep is actually more critical than anything else you can do. And, quality of sleep can impact your performance.  Scientists have found the 3rd and 4th sleep stage is where your body creates the human growth hormone that helps build and repair tissue. Conversely, if you don’t get enough sleep, your body will produce cortizol which will hinder tissue rejuvenation not to mention reducing Read more [...]

Running Injuries This Winter: 5 Ways to Reduce Your Chances of Injury

The change in seasons is usually a beautiful thing… that is, as long as it doesn’t mess with our running routines.  Hello winter (Seinfeld glare).  Depending on where you live, winter can be a real drag.  You see, for many, winter brings with it a significantly increased chance of running injuries, as well as, a much higher likelihood of being relegated to the treadmill. So, here at Complete Runner’s Nutrition, we thought it was timely to write a post on our top 5 tips to reduce the upheaval Read more [...]

Running Health: 4 Tips To Maintain Your Health For Years To Come

Is running a sport or a lifestyle? Depends who you ask and what your goals are. For most of us, running is an escape; something we look forward to all day and leaves us feeling less stressed out from our daily lives.  How many of us can confess to reconfiguring an entire day just to schedule a run? I’m guessing quite a few… In this regard, it is a lifestyle. But, one thing is for sure, if we aren’t careful, this lifestyle can take a heavy toll on our bodies. So, if we intend to sustain this Read more [...]
Runner Vitamins

7 Best Supplements for Runners

As a runner, you already know the importance of eating a healthy and balanced diet. The food you eat and your overall health directly impact your ability to be successful while running, whether it means completing a short run in the morning or crossing the finish line on the weekend. However, due to the nature of our everyday routines, it can be difficult to get all of the nutrients you need from your diet alone. This is what has helped contribute to the growth of the supplement industry around Read more [...]

Hamstring Flexibility: Who’s Pulling Your Strings?

Out of all muscles in your body that are injury prone, hamstrings top the list. However, with proper maintenance, they can also help you run longer distances and faster too. The key here is to maintain strong, limber hamstring flexibility to reduce your risk of injury and keep you running strong. The 3 best ways to achieve this? 1) Stretching; 2) Exercising; 3) Proper Nutrition. STRETCHING For Hamstring Flexibility: First and foremost, Hamstring flexibility is primarily attributable to stretching. Read more [...]

It’s Not A Sprint, It’s A Marathon. Or, Is It?

 How Short & Fast Workouts Can Actually Help Your Marathon Performance As counter intuitive as it might sound, running 200m or 400m repeats just 10 weeks before a marathon is gaining traction in the running community. Case in point: Brett Gotcher who achieved the fourth fastest marathon debut in history by practicing short and fast speed workouts prior to the marathon. You might be asking yourself, "How would running short and fast repeats help me prepare for such a long slow marathon?" The Read more [...]

Simple Water Rules For Runners: Or, How To Avoid Water Belly

The average adult requires 8 glasses of water per day. The average runner, who sweats profusely over the course of a run, will need more. It's difficult to have a hard and fast rule of how much more when some people sweat more than others. However, a good rule of thumb is to drink enough water to where your pee is clear. The only problem is that, if you're not careful, all of those glasses of water can negatively impact your performance on race day. What can happen you ask? Well, for starters, Read more [...]

Are Free Radicals Running You Into The Ground?

Unless you’re taking the right supplements, you may want to slow your roll. Last week I was struck by a losing argument with my know-it-all running partner, James. James was under the impression that running causes extra free radicals in our bodies that required antioxidant supplementation. Although I’ve always been a proponent of healthy dietary supplementation to support my habit (running), this was something I couldn’t believe. I thought to myself, “after years of running, how was it Read more [...]

Attacking the 5K – The 5 Most Important Tips to Prepare

Although, at first glance, the illustrious 5k appears to be either the stepping stone for those working towards a 10k or for those 10k/marathon veterans who seek the rush of a competition without the time and physical investments that are inherently involved. However, we posit that the most successful 5k competitors are the ones who mentally and physically prepare themselves to run a 5k and consistently beat out their marathon and half marathon runner competitors. After researching the matter thoroughly, Read more [...]