About Complete Runner’s Nutrition™

Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ began in 2009 when two running enthusiasts realized that after all their years of eating right and running regularly, they were somehow left with achy knees and less than perfect health. It took little time to discover that this is a common occurrence among long term runners because their bodies deplete or sweat out many of the life sustaining nutrients consumed in their diets and typical multivitamins, leaving them with little left over for their well being… Not to mention, the obvious effects that years of running have on their joints.

The solution was simple. A complete multivitamin/multimineral formulated specifically for both the casual and elite runner alike that can provide the proper nutrients and in the correct amounts needed to sustain a healthy life, to help protect joints, to have extra energy and give peace of mind that they will never regret a single mile run.

For more than a year, our panel of researchers and formulators worked tirelessly seeking out the finest ingredients and conducting countless trials to introduce the most advanced and only wellness-minded nutrition, performance, and protection supplement available for runners. The result: Complete Runner’s Nutrition™.

Our Mission

To integrate our uncompromising standards and core values with the latest technologies, credible research and the highest quality ingredients available to provide runners of all intensities a complete solution for feeling noticeably better, healthier and to achieve what was never thought possible.

Our Values

From how we do business, to the commitment we make to our customers, to how we treat our employees, our philosophy is best summed up by the three key values, “Honesty, integrity and old fashioned morals…”

A Note from Dave Siren,

Co-Founder of Complete Runner’s Nutrition™

My name is Dave Siren and along with several others, I helped create Complete Runner’s Nutrition™. I wanted to take a moment to welcome you to our site and tell you a little more about my story. Around 10 years ago, my patella (or knee cap) was shattered in an unfortunate accident. After many years of being an avid runner I was reduced to barely being able to walk. In fact, my surgeon suggested that I’d be lucky if I didn’t walk with a limp for the rest of my life.

Over the next few years, I worked diligently trying to regain the athleticism I previously enjoyed. It was around this time that I discovered the importance of nutritional supplementation. Only with the help of supplementing my diet with certain nutrients and a great deal of perseverance, did I not only attain my previous level of athleticism but I surpassed it and continue to surpass it today with the help of Complete Runner’s Nutrition™.

Our goal in creating Complete Runner’s Nutrition™ was to provide other like-minded runners access to a high quality dietary supplement formulation that can support their specific lifestyle by helping to protect their joints and health while also rejuvenating them with energy and prolonged endurance. After a great deal of time and resources committed towards achieving this goal, we’ve succeeded and are proud to present Complete Runner’s Nutrition™.



Dave Siren
Complete Runner’s Nutrition™

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